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Why are Workshops so important?

  • Making the Leaders of Tomorrow Today

    After 6 years of coaching, it was clear to me that there is a crisis within most Indian companies - a lack of a strong middle-management. And this lack will translate into a shortage of Leaders within 5 years. In short, there is no second line of defense! To address this very important gap, I co-created a separate company, Learning Essence, that only focuses on learning programs for grooming and growing leadership. By definition, these programs have to begin at the beginning - with foundation building programs. First up, we created a powerful program called The Essence of Leadership - it is a one-day workshop with a proprietary workbook designed for the Indian way of learning!
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    Creating a strong & common foundation - A Zero Basis

    To create a strong culture of grooming leaders within the organization, it is important to rollout a common foundation of skills and habits. This foundation - a Zero Basis - will be a wonderful launching pad for high-performing, high-potential individuals to begin their journey towards leadership. It will also give the organization an assurance that at the very least, each employee who participates in these workshops is well-versed in these essential skills. It provides a very good system for employees to work effectively as a team across levels and functions - like a common language or work culture.