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Why are Workshops so important?

  • Making the Leaders of Tomorrow Today

    After 6 years of coaching, it was clear to me that there is a crisis looming in India – an acute shortage of trained professionals. And this lack will translate into a shortage of employees for companies, fewer small business owners and poor customer service across industries. In short, there is an urgent need to create learning programs of short durations that support personal & professional development! To address this very important gap, we co-created a separate company, Learning Essence, which focuses on learning programs for grooming and growing professionals. By definition, these programs have to begin at the beginning - with foundation building programs. First up, we created a powerful program called The Essence of Leadership - it is a one-day workshop with a proprietary workbook designed for the Indian way of learning! In addition, every month, we offer a variety of workshops & retreats that help individuals to grow their skills & build successful careers & lives.
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    Creating a strong foundation - A Zero Basis – with Essence of Leadership

    To create a strong culture of grooming leaders within the organization, it is important to rollout a common foundation of skills and habits. This applies to schools, colleges, work places, community groups & government organizations. The Essence of Leadership workshop - a Zero Basis - will be a wonderful launching pad for high-performing, high-potential individuals to begin their journey towards leadership. These individuals will learn what is needed to excel within an organization, at home & as citizens. The workshop also provides a very good system for people to work effectively as a team - like a common language or work culture.