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What makes Essence Consultancy so special?

  • icon Focus on Results
    From day one, we never lose sight of the end game– defining it, modifying it and then achieving it!
  • icon 6 Months To Transform
    We coach the Leader for 6 months initially to ensure that you see results and long-term transformation
  • icon 24x7 Support
    We connect with the Leader every day during the program for reinforcement & support & offer unlimited post-program reach
  • icon 360° Coaching
    We take work-life balance to another level! Get coached to be a Leader in all areas of your life – 360 degrees
  • icon Tools & Templates
    We provide world-class assessment, tracking, planning tools & templates for the Leader’s use and for use with his or her team members
  • icon Operational Excellence
    Strong emphasis on growing the Leader’s operational skills – organization building, new project deployment, operational review & planning to name a few key areas
  • icon Inside Out Approach
    We call our style of inquiry – asking what the Leader wants from his or her life – an inside out approach. The Leader starts with his or her core values, life & work mission and dreams.
  • icon Fun Rules
    Our Leaders say that most of all they remember the fun they had during the program – lots of laughter, joy and a feeling of well-being. We take that as the biggest compliment ever!

icon What you can expect from the Essence Program

Ideally designed to be a 6-month commitment with 2 sessions a month – each session ranges from 60-120 minutes & can be in person or over a video call

The emphasis is on aligning your core value, life purpose & vision with the work that you do, the way you manage your own life & your relationships. The outcome is a career that is profitable & makes you happy supported by a fulfilling life!

Common areas of focus include:

  • Clarity of Goals & Priorities
  • Business Planning
  • Building & Nurturing Client Relationships
  • Self Awareness & Wellness
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Designing flexible organizations

Sample Client Experience

  • Vice President,
    Operations & Customer Support Industry Leader
    In The Manufacturing Sector
    Before Coaching
    • 14 hour days and working most weekends
    • Sitting in long disorganized meetings
    • Disgruntled and overworked team
    • Month end pressures for targets
    • No planned outings or time spent with self or family
    After Coaching
    • 9 hours a day, 5 days a week work schedule
    • Planned effective meetings
    • Achieving targets with planning & review
    • Motivated & happy team
    • Planned vacation
    • Daily fitness routine
  • CEO,
    Industry Leader In The Telecom Services Sector
    Before Coaching
    • No clear & written 360° vision & goals
    • Sitting in long disorganized meetings
    • Partial delegation – no transfer of accountability
    • No health or fitness routine
    After Coaching
    • A 1,3 & 5 year plan for personal & professional growth
    • Planned effective meetings
    • Delegation with empowerment – total hands-off on operations
    • Planned & regular meals
    • Daily fitness routine
  • Plant In Charge,
    Steel Industry Leader
    Before Coaching
    • 24X7 Calls and Requests for Site Visits
    • A 7 day work schedule
    • Daily planning meeting totally ineffective – late start, no agenda, overrun on time
    • Status updates provided on an ad-hoc basis
    • Continuous Phone calls & SMSes from seniors & team members
    • No role clarity for team
    After Coaching
    • 12 hour shift schedule with no calls outside shift hours
    • Planned & effective daily meeting – 30 minutes
    • Sundays off
    • Time for a sit-down lunch and dinner
    • Roles defined for each member of the team
    • Planned vacation

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