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"You Listen To Your Own Heart -
That Is Your Only Teacher"

Kashmira Mody

  • Leadership Coaching

    I began my journey as a coach in 2006 when I founded Essence Consultancy with a clear vision of bringing world-class Leadership disciplines to Indian leaders in a gentle, one-on-one conversation that would transform them and their organizations. Seven years and 600 coachees later, I feel I am just getting started. The young Indian professional is totally unique – smart, ambitious, hard working and proudly desi. There is no more baggage of the past and there is an eagerness to engage with the world in a new and confident way! And I am so excited that I am going to be able to interact with them, support their growth and be totally “upgraded” myself. Make no mistake, young India is on the move and you can keep up or step aside – I surely plan to be part of this adventure and I invite you to join us too.

  • Background

    An electrical engineer by profession, I spent 13 years in the telecommunication industry with giants like AT&T, Lucent and finally Airtel. During this time, I travelled the world and carried out various assignments from site engineer to technical director. I have lived and worked in various cities in India, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, North, Central & South America. I am also a certified holistic health counselor and vinyasa yoga teacher. When I am not coaching bright and shiny people, I love to be on the mat, in the pool, at the movies or with my nose buried in my Kindle!

  • Coaching Style

    My clients are highly-motivated, results oriented successful individuals. In addition, they are committed to growth, to becoming a better version of themselves. And that is why they have chosen to find a coach - to grow! My coaching style can be summed up in three simple steps. One, I help my clients to assess where they currently benchmark as a leader. Two, I work with them to identify where they want to be in the short and long term. Three, I ensure that they achieve and even surpass those thresholds. My work is not to provide answers - it is about ensuring that my clients learn to listen to their own inner coach - that is the transformation! My clients learn life-long habits and skills to continuously grow on their own - both personally and professionally.