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    The best leaders are those the people hardly know exist.

    The next best is a leader who is loved and praised.

    Next comes the one who is feared.

    The worst one is the leader that is despised.

    If you don’t trust the people, they will become untrustworthy.

    The best leaders value their words, and use them sparingly.
    When she has accomplished her task, the people say,
    "Amazing: we did it, all by ourselves!"
    - Lao Tzu

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    Coaching helps you be your best self - simple! You get the support, the encouragement and learning to achieve your goals, live your potential and find your bliss - in a gentle and very uplifting way. Sounds interesting?
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    My Blog is my way of keeping the conversation with you alive - it is my truth, always intimate and comes straight out of my own experience
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